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Website Design

your story. your brand.

Your website is the way to communicate to current and potential customers who you are and why they should do business with you. Anyone can create a cookie-cutter website. Custom web design is what sets you apart.

Cybertek Vision is here to create a website that will capture your story while presenting you to the world well, all while remaining easy to navigate.

We offer a few packages but are open to customization to make sure you have what you need.

All Cybertek Vision websites come with 2 years of management services to ensure that your information is up to date and everything works well continually.

CYBERTEK VISION Web Design Package

Our customized package, this website will capture your business through photos and video footage to display for your customers exactly who you are, which is so important! This site will include:

  • Homepage

  • About Us

  • Contact Us

  • Services

  • 2 Additional Pages

  • 2 rounds of revisions

  • 4 week turnaround time

  • Cybertek will take drone footage (if desired) of your business and can supplement business photos as needed. Stock photos or client provided photos may be used, as well.

Price: $1995

Yearly Fees

Covers hosting fees, removal of ads, storage for client videos and content, and all management/upate needs. 

Price: $395 annually

Domain Management

Price: ranges, depending on your domain. If you already own your domain and it is hosted elsewhere,the connection of your existing domain to your new Cybertek site is included in the package fee.

A La Carte web design items

Updates on basic website/business information

Price: included for 2 years after website creation

Store Page & Ordering Setup

Price: $325 for first 5 products, additional $25 per product after that

Additional Informational Page

Price: $295

Email Inbox: Includes Cybertek Systems support

Price: $10 per email address per month, billed annually

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