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Local Broadcasting

reaching your customers affordably

Cybertek Vision, supported by Cybertek Systems, provides the easiest way to make sure you are in front of your local audience. These TV's are placed in waiting rooms, bars, restaurants and more around Central South Dakota. They play Cybertek Vision ads around the clock, so your business's information is in front of people multiple times each hour.

There are a few ways to get started:

option 1: 
Become a tv host

option 2
advertise on tv's

Cybertek will supply, install and manage a TV screen for your business. All you have to do is turn it on in the morning each day.

When you agree to host a TV, we'll supply a free static ad that will run in the slideshow.

Video ads or additional static ads can be purchased. See upgrade options here.

Enjoy the benefits of having eyes on your business information around the clock.

Purchase by the month: $65.00 per month

Included is 1 static ad

Commit to a whole year: $50.00 per month

Included is 1 30 second video ad

Also included is 1 state ad 

Upgraded ad packages are available. Learn more by clicking here.

do you have an event to broadcast?

Cybertek Vision has the ability to broadcast your special event whether that is a bull sale, a hunting promo, or whatever you can think of. The possibilities are endless!

Pricing is based upon availability, length of programing, and other various factors. But we're pretty game to try things! Let's see what we can dream up together.

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